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New! 5 Global Blockchain Platforms For Various Industries

New Global Blockchain projects are taking place across the globe. Many enterprises are already conducting due diligence for the ways this technology can enable an efficient and profitable ecosystem. Here we take a look the global blockchain technologies and their use cases (applications) for various industries.

Global Blockchain
Image Source: Financial Express

Global Blockchain Platform: TradeLens
Industry: Logistics/Shipping
Players: IBM, Maersk

Global Blockchain
Image Source: IBM

TradeLens is a global blockchain-enabled shipping solution designed to enable efficient and secure global trade. The platform brings together various stakeholders to support information sharing and transparency. The platform is a result of a collaboration between Maersk and IBM. Blockchain smart contracts provide real-time access to shipping data and shipping documents, including IoT and sensor data to the involved stakeholders.

As per Bridget van Kralingen (Sr. VP, IBM Global Industries, Solutions and Blockchain), blockchain can play an important role in digitizing global shipping sector where 4 trillion dollars of goods are traded annually.

Global Blockchain Platform: I-CHAIN
Industry: Insurance/Finance
Players: Glass Cube

Global Blockchain
Image Source: I-CHAIN

I-CHAIN is a platform designed by Glass Cube which seeks to offer reliable, transparent, accessible and affordable insurance services to customers worldwide.

I-CHAIN enables start-ups and insurance companies to publish and sell their products on the platform. I-CHAIN simplifies sign-up processes, decision making, transparency and risk calculations.

Global Blockchain Platform: Gigtricks
Industry: Employment Services
Players: Gigtricks

Global Blockchain
Image Source: Gigtricks

The never-ending quest for reliability has been a constant restraint in the freelance industry. GigTricks appears as a worldwide solution to this issue, as it represents the first truly 360-degree freelance and on-demand ecosystem, which will be reviewed and approved by millions of users around the globe.

GigTricks will provide all the ingredients to enhance transparency and trust levels between the clients and the freelancers.

Global Blockchain Platform: Blockchain Banking
Industry: Banking
Players: IBM, Stellar

Global Blockchain
Image Source: IBM

IBM released Blockchain Banking to help financial institutions handle cross-border payment transactions to reduce checkout time and reduce the cost of global payments for businesses and consumers.

IBM partnered with, an open source blockchain network non-profit organization, and KlickEx Group, a financial payment infrastructure company, to launch a blockchain banking network that aims to expand the flow of funds around global payment types and values.

Global Blockchain Platform: HorusPay
Industry: Employment
Players: HorusPay

Global Blockchain
Image Source: HorusPay

HorusPay is a decentralized Global Payroll Portal designed to dramatically reduce the friction and cost of onboarding and disbursing payroll to international employees. Using blockchain technology, HorusPay will dramatically reduce payroll costs, errors, and delays, while increasing accuracy and security.

The HorusPay solution will give global entities more control over their payroll processes and ultimately lead to faster payroll disbursement for global employees.