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6 Reasons Why Saints Row 5 Is Coming Soon | Latest News

Saints Row, an open world paradise was launched in 2006 and got stuck at the 2013’s Saints Row IV. Now, since 4 years, netizens are questioning about the next chapter of this gangsta thriller? Where’s Saints Row 5?.

Saints Row 5
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Cut To The Chase

Every cloud has a silver lining. In this post, we shall see those linings or reasons which enable the possible release of Saints Row 5 game very soon.

1. Vague Series

Saints Row 5
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The Saints Row Series never followed the traditional series pattern. In general, games in a series are almost standalone games with a connection of ideas and stories, however, not the complete game. For instance, The first mission pack, Enter the Dominatrix, released in October of 2013 was originally intended as a mission pack for Saints Row: The Third but evolved into the full sequel, Saints Row IV.

In Saints Row Series context, the saints from the Saints Row: The Third became a brand sold (T-shirts, sweatshirts, drinks with symbols). Further, In the fourth part, the main characters swung to the presidential chair. But what’s in the next game (Saints Row 5)? maybe the emperor of a galactic empire or gods?.

Nevertheless, judging by the final of Saints Row IV and its additions, the series will continue to roll in the Saints Row V game.

2. Community-driven Ecosystem

Just like us, the game developers and the publishers lurk on Reddit, Quora, and other gaming community forums. Community forums are the best way to drive sales and profits. One Plus forums are the best example to implement software features asked by the users through OTA updates.

In our context, its been nearly 5 years since the Saints Row IV, its time Volition and Deep Silver take the advantage by releasing the most anticipated game (One Love, Saints!). We shouldn’t deny the fact that all the game developers are taking advantages of the user-preferred systems and mechanics in their games.

This subreddit compiles all the things the gamers are seeking in the next release.

3. Positive Saints Row Director

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