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5G Speed Up To 5 Gbps! (Theoretical) In Near Future

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Qualcomm announced earlier this year that it has signed a 5G modem and Opteron chip agreement with 19 mobile device manufacturers. The company subsequently said it was working hard to help unidentified customers bring the first batch of 5G devices to market as early as the end of the year, although the company expects most customers to launch 5G phones next year. Qualcomm may announce the Snapdragon 855 processor in December or earlier.

Lenovo may launch a 5G phone in its own name or in the name of Motorola. Lenovo acquired the famous mobile phone manufacturer from Valley Singer in 2014. Frequently-reviewed comments point to a single device that integrates 5G technology, and Motorola has spent two years developing an accessory called “5G Moto Mod,” which will add 5G capabilities to 4G phones. It is the Moto Z3.