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3 Mins Read! Helio A22 Vs Helio P22 – Redmi 6A Benchmarks

Helio P22 Vs Helio A22
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    Helio P22 - 10/10
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Helio A22, the latest budget chipset from MediaTek enables entry-level AI capabilities with features including face unlock, bokeh effects from a single or dual camera lens. On the other hand, Helio P22 produced on the same process node technology as the Helio A22. Know the key differences and the better processor out of both.

The recently launched Xiaomi Redmi 6 Series smartphones are equipped with MediaTek Helio A22 and Helio P22 processors. The Helio P22 released in April of this year is MediaTek’s mid-range processor touted for its AI capabilities. MediaTek Helio A22 unveiled alongside the Redmi 6A is also touted for enabling entry-level AI applications such as Face Unlock, Smart Photo Album, etc. MediaTek A22 is a relatively new processor equipped in the Redmi 6A. This post will walk you through the key differences between the Helio P22 and Helio A22.

Helio A22 Vs Helio P22

Image Source: Mi China

Let’s have a glance through at the…

Helio A22 Specifications

  • CPU – Quad core Arm Cortex-A53 processor at up to 2.0 GHz
  • GPU – IMG PowerVR
  • Memory Interface – LPDDR3 up to 4GB @ 933 MHz, LPDDR4x up to 6GB @ 1600MHz
  • Storage I/F – eMMC 5.1 flash interface
  • Display – Up to 1600 x 720
  • Video – H.264 encoding up to 1080p30, H.265/H.264 playback up to 1080p30
  • Camera
    • 21MP single camera @ 30 fps, or 13+8MP camera @ 30 fps
    • Features – AI Face ID (Face Unlock), AI Smart Photo Album, Single-Cam/Dual-Cam Bokeh; MEMA 3DNR; Multi-Frame Noise reduction
  • Connectivity
    • Cellular
      • Technologies – Carrier Aggregation (CA), CDMA2000 1x/EVDO Rev. A (SRLTE), FDD / TDD LTE, HSPA +
      • Specific Functions – TAS 2.0, HUPE, IMS (VoLTE\ViLTE\WoWi-Fi), eMBMS, Dual 4G VoLTE (DSDS), Band 71
      • LTE Cat-4, Cat-7 DL / Cat-13 UL
    • 802.11 a/g/b/n/ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5.0
    • GNSS – Beidou, Galileo, Glonass, GPS
    • FM Radio
  • Mediatek Technologies – CorePilot, Imagiq, MiraVision, NeuroPilot, Pump Express, Tiny Sensor Hub
  • Process – 12nm FinFET fabrication technology

For the uninformed, MediaTek has realigned their mobile processor development strategy by focussing on mid-range chipsets. This is the reason why we are seeing more mid-range SoCs (System-on-Chip) in the market such as Helio P60, Helio P70, Helio P22, etc.

Firstly, let’s visually compare the parameters of MediaTek P22 and MediaTek A22, as shown below.

MediaTek Helio P22 Vs Helio A22
System-on-Chip MediaTek P22 MediaTek A22
Process Node 12nm TSMC FinFET
CPU 8 x Cortex-A53 CPU Core @ 2.0GHz (max.) 4 x Cortex-A53 CPU Core @ 2.0GHz (max.)
GPU IMG PowerVR GE8320 IMG PowerVR GE Grade
RAM Interface LPDDR3\LPDDR4x
Flash Specification eMMC5.1
LTE Cat-4, Cat-7 DL / Cat-13 UL
Camera Support 13 MP + 8 MP Dual Camera
Others Bluetooth 5.0, Support dual-channel WiFi, Supports Full Screen, Supports dual camera

In MediaTek’s Smartphone Processor Portfolio, The letter A (advanced/affordable) and P (premium) represents the midrange and entry-level (low-end) processors segment respectively. From the comparison of CPU parameters, MediaTek P22 is relatively more dominant, especially with an eight-core CPU design.

Also, MediaTek has not disclosed the GPU model in the Helio A22 chipset, hence we assume the Imagination PowerVR GE8320 GPU have better graphics processing capabilities. Further, MediaTek’s cellular expertise is not the best, leading to the integration of mediocre Cat. 7 LTE specification. Let’s have a look at the AnTuTu benchmarks of both smartphones equipped with the abovementioned processors.

Redmi 6 Vs Redmi 6A Benchmarks

The processor being the core hardware component determines a smartphone’s performance, gaming experience, power consumption, heat dissipation, fast charge support, and network connectivity. In view of the above, we are looking at the processor specifications and benchmark scores to understand which one is a better phone.

MediaTek Helio P22 Vs Helio A22 AnTuTu Benchmarks
Score/Points Redmi 6 (Helio P22) Redmi 6A (Helio A22)
Overall 75578 62498
CPU 36579 29942
UX 19602 18293
GPU 11964 8004
Memory 7433 6259

As per the benchmark and processor chip specifications, the overall performance of the Helio P22 powering the Redmi 6 is higher than that of the Helio A22 equipped in the Redmi 6A.

Helio P22 Is Better Than Helio A22

To What Extent?

Well, let’s recall the key parameters, the Helio P22 is produced on a 12-nanometer process technology and contains eight Cortex-A53 cores with a frequency of up to 2 GHz and a PowerVR GE8320 GPU. Helio A22 is also produced on the same process node technology.

The performance difference between MediaTek P22 and MediaTek A22 is not too large. Also, there is no difference in other features such as the cellular network support, flash support, etc. So don’t get confused in the letters P and A. Helio P22 is a better processor which competes directly with the Snapdragon 625, Exynos 7870, etc.


Hope, this was an information piece for you. If you want us to compare any specific chipset, do let us know in the comment section below.