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Easy! Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625 In 3 Points

Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625
  • Helio P22
  • Snapdragon 625

Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625

The MediaTek Helio P22 is built on 12nm process node and Qualcomm® Snapdragon 625 mobile platform built on 14nm node technology. As per the design and Mediatek’s claims, the Helio P22 will power upper mid-range smartphones whilst enabling AI-related applications. Having said that, is the processor is really a good mobile solution for upper mid-range smartphone?. We compare it with the Snapdragon 625 which was released in 2016 and still going strong for mid-range devices. Read the key differences between Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625 mobile processor.

MediaTek Helio P22 is MediaTek’s new release of MediaTek’s P-series chip this year, which is similar to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series. While MediaTek touts its performance and AI capabilities for mid-range and sub-premium smartphones, we analyze the performance prospects by pitting Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625. Snapdragon 625 (SD625) is the perfect contender to the Helio P22 as it rocks the current mid-range smartphones.

Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625
Image Credit: MediaTek

The MediaTek Helio P22 is a slightly upgraded version of the MediaTek P20. It uses the latest TSMC 12nm FinFET process technology and has four Cortex-A53 Cores clocked at 2.0 GHz and four Cortex-A53 Cores clocked at 1.5 GHz in big.LITTLE architecture. The GPU is a PowerVR GE8329 graphics processor supporting only maximum of 1600 × 720 (20:9) display resolution. It supports LPDDR3 and 4X memory for up to 6GB of RAM.

On the other hand, Snapdragon 625 built on the 14m technology integrates same CPUs but in different fashion. Below are the key differences between the two processors.

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Helio P22 Is Built On 12nm Process Node

The Helio P22 unveiled this year is fabricated on TSMC’s 12 nm process. On the other hand, the 2016-launched Snapdragon 625 is built on 14nm process node. Both SoCs (System-on-chips) are similar in design by implementing 8 Cortex-A53 CPU Cores. However, the Helio P22 takes an edge here due to the 12nm design, ensuring good performance and balanced energy consumption. This difference is not so significant, though SD625 has scored more in the multi-core and single-core Geekbench tests (Single-Core 868 points, Multi-Core 4254 points)

Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625
Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625 – CPU, GPU, Memory, LTE

Snapdragon 625 Has Better GPU

Imagination Power VR GPU IPs are quite powerful and innovative, however, the Helio P22 integrates entry-level GE8320 GPU. The GE8320 GPU clocked at 650 MHz has only 2 Pipelines/ALU (Different IP Design) which provides 64 GFlops performance (GFlops is an acronym for FLoating Point Operations Per Second, which is a measure of the strength of a machine in 1 second, 1 GFlops is equal to 1,000,000,000 Flops).

On the other hand, Adreno GPUs are powerful enough to support high-resolution displays and running GPU-intensive 3D mobile games. The Adreno 506 GPU integrated into the SD625 is clocked at 650 MHz and provides a GFlops performance of 130. Also, the Adreno 506 can support higher-resolution displays (up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 fps), whereas the maximum display support from Helio P22’s GPU supports displays up to 1600 x 720 resolution.

Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625
Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625 – Media, ISP, Benchmarks

Snapdragon 625 Has Better Media Processors (DSP, ISP, etc.)

Qualcomm’s Hexagon 546 DSP, and dual ISP in the SD625 enables excellent imaging capabilities. For instance, the Mi A1 shoots great photographs with depth, bokeh, among other effects (computational photography), this was enabled by the Spectra ISP in parallel to the processing done by the Hexagon DSP.

Helio P22 also has the required media processors for face unlock features, fingerprint recognition, computational photography. However, the maximum camera supported by the Imagiq ISP in the Helio P22 is not high.

Artificial Intelligence is the most misused word in smartphone industry lately. The dedicated NPU integrated into the Kirin 970, Apple A11, etc. are the true AI-enabled mobile processors. Both of the contenders do not sport a dedicated AI accelerators, but supports AI frameworks using the on-board CPU, GPU, and media processors.

Helio P22 Vs Snapdragon 625 Key Takeaways

In our comparison, Helio P22 and SD625 do not have a dedicated NPU engine, but the existing DSP and ISPs take care of the AI-related applications such as natural language processing (voice-to-text or vice-versa), face-unlock, computational photography, etc. Overall, the Snapdragon 625 is slightly a better processor, it can also be observed from the benchmarks scores in the given chart.

Best Snapdragon 625 Smartphones

Redmi Y2 (Blue, 3+32 GB)

Moto G5s Plus (Lunar Grey, 4+64 GB)

Redmi Note 5 (Black, 3+32 GB)

Hope, this was an information piece for you. If you want us to compare any specific chipset, do let us know in the comment section below.