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Quickly! Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710 In 3 Points

Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710
  • Helio P60
  • Snapdragon 710

Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is built on a 10nm process, boasts an octa-core CPU design (8 x Qualcomm Kryo 360 CPU), the highest frequency is 2.2GHz, supplemented by Adreno 616 GPU, Snapdragon X15 LTE, the specifications are more eye-catching. On the other hand, MediaTek Helio P60 designed for upper mid-range tier smartphones integrates a dual-core dedicated NPU enabling AI features. Read the comparison below to understand the performance and value prospects of each processor.

Qualcomm officially introduced the first chip of the Snapdragon 700 series, the Snapdragon 710 (SD710) to replace the Snapdragon 660 as a new generation of Qualcomm’s upper mid-range mobile processor featuring AI capabilities. The key contender to the SD710 is MediaTek’s Helio P60 which features a dedicated AI accelerator for enabling AI applications. In this post, we are understanding the performance and value prospect of each by pitting Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710.

Image Credit: Qualcomm

1. Snapdragon 710 Has Powerful CPUs & Overall Design

As per the hardware specifications, Helio P60 (P60) built on the 12nm process node boasts four Cortex-A73 CPUs and four Cortex-A53 CPUs for performance and energy-efficiency respectively. On the other hand, Snapdragon 710 (SD710) adopts Samsung’s 10nm LPE process, integrates an eight-core Kryo 360 CPU with a frequency of 2.2GHz. The overall design of the SD710 has ensured higher Geekbench points than the P60 (as given in the chart).

Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710
Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710 – CPU, GPU, Design, Memory

2. Snapdragon 710 Has Better GPU & Cellular Modem

Qualcomm has already garnered immense expertise on GPU and cellular modem. Thanks to the in-house capability, the SD710 integrates Adreno 616 GPU which has a high number of ALUs (Arithmetic Logic Units) and GFLOPs performance. On the other hand, ARM’s Mali G72-MP3 GPU has low GFLOPs performance, different implementation though. Also, the SD70 integrates the X15 LTE modem with premium features.

Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710
Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710 – Media, Storage, Benchmarks

3. SD710 & P60 Both Have AI Engine (Different Approach)

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a misleading term in the smartphone industry. Till date, Kirin 970 is the only mobile processors or SoC which houses a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). AI applications such as image recognition (face unlock), machine learning (personalized experience), computational photography (bokeh, depth enhancement, real-time overlays, etc.) require a huge amount of computational power. These applications can be enabled by deploying AI accelerators (a class of microprocessors) or by using vector approach.

Kirin 970 has a separate AI accelerator (NPU), similarly, NeuroPilot Core in the Helio P60 handles AI tasks through the standard Android Neural Networks API.

Qualcomm uses the vector approach, wherein, machine learning processes are distributed to the CPU, GPU, and the Hexagon DSP (the digital signal processor). Hexagon 685 DSP is 3rd generation high-speed vector processor that takes care of calculations that require simple machine learning processes. Qualcomm’s approach ensure efficient use of the DSP and enhanced flexibility.

Helio P60 Vs Snapdragon 710 Key Takeaways

  • SD710 outperforms the Helio P60
  • Among all the other features that are produced on the ultra-efficient 10nm process, SD710 has an edge in maximum efficiency
  • From the performance point of view, the Snapdragon 700 series is on top of the Helio P60, but the price of a smartphone equipped with the Helio P60 is cheaper

Snapdragon 710 mobile processor is built on the Snapdragon 835 platform which still powers the high-end smartphones. The Snapdragon 710 is a great processor for sub-premium smartphones costing from 15,000 to 25,000 range. Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU, X-Series baseband chips, and Kryo CPUs are unbeatable by any android chip manufacturer.

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Hope, this was an information piece for you. If you want us to compare any specific chipset, do let us know in the comment section below.