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Quick Comparison! Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435

Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435
  • Snapdragon 625
  • Snapdragon 435

Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435

Snapdragon 435 and Snapdragon 625 integrate 8 ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores, but their maximum clock speed is different. The 435 also integrates the Qualcomm X9 LTE Modem as the Snapdragon 625 and memory configuration is same as well. Read the below post to understand the better chipset out of both.

As we know, Qualcomm provides a range of mobile chipset solutions for various consumer devices. The Snapdragon 600 series is positioned in the mid-end market, and the Snapdragon 400 series is positioned in the low-end (entry-level) market. The Snapdragon 625 is still popular and beats other mid-range chipsets. In this post, we are pitting the Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435 to understand which one is good.

Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435
Image Credit: Qualcomm

Firstly, let’s take a look at the processor’s technical parameters – 

Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435 Basic Comparison
SoCs Snapdragon 625 Snapdragon 435
Process Node 14nm 28nm
CPU & Max. Clock 8 x Cortex-A53 @ 2.0GHz 8 x Cortex-A53 @ 1.4GHz
GPU Adreno 506 Adreno 505
ISP/Camera Dual ISP (Up to 24MP) Dual ISP (Up to 21MP)
RAM Interface LPDDR3 @ 933 MHz LPDDR3 @ 800 MHz
LTE X9 LTE (300 Mbps DL, 150 Mbps UL) X8 LTE (300 Mbps DL, 100 Mbps UL)

As per the specifications, Snapdragon 625 and Snapdragon 435 adopt different processes, and at the same time, the CPU frequency and GPU are different. The Snapdragon integrates the same CPUs but clocks higher than the CPUs in the Snapdragon 435. The key difference is the process node on which Snapdragon 435 is fabricated. The 28nm process technology doesn’t ensure high performance and energy efficiency, this is the reason why the Cortex-A53 CPUs in the Snapdragon 435 is clocked at mere 1.4 GHz.

As per the AnTuTu benchmarks scores, the overall performance of the Snapdragon 625 is higher than the Snapdragon 435.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435 AnTuTu Benchmarks
Performance Snapdragon 625 Snapdragon 435
Overall 61425 43165
CPU 20625 13981
UX 23832 16417
3D 13184 7857

The inefficient Snapdragon 435 is usually powering the Android tablets in the market as they house high capacity batteries. The Snapdragon 625 is more suitable for smartphone ensuring mediocre (mid-range segment) performance and energy efficiency.

Snapdragon 625 Vs Snapdragon 435 Key Takeaways

As far as the basic parameters are concerned, Snapdragon 625 has obvious advantages in terms of main frequency and network standard than the Snapdragon 435. However, application wise, both chipsets are cost-effective. For instance, the Snapdragon 435 is a good processor for tablets, not for mid-range smartphones though.

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Snapdragon 435 Tablets India

Hope, this was an information piece for you. If you want us to compare any specific chipset, do let us know in the comment section below.