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Speedy! Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60 In 3 Points

Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60
  • Snapdragon 630
  • Helio P60

Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60

MediaTek Helio P60 brings AI features and a mix of performance and energy efficient CPUs in a mid-range chip. While the Snapdragon 630 features 8 Cortex-A53 CPUs, Adreno 508 GPU and Hexagon DSP. Know the key differences between these chipsets, Read the story below…

Launched at MWC 2018, the Helio P60 is considered one of MediaTek’s best mid-range chips. On the other hand, Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 is another mid-range mobile processor was launched in 2017. Both being, mid-range chipset, the Helio P60 is touted for its Artificial Intelligence (NPU) core, which has proved it as a sub-premium mobile processor. In this post, we are pitting Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60 to clear doubts of readers who are in the dilemma of buying a smartphone powered by either of the processors.

Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60

Helio P60 Has Better CPU & Overall Design

In comparison to the Snapdragon 630, the Helio P60 is built on the latest TSMC’s 12nm FinFET process node. The 12nm fabrication technology gives the Helio P60 an edge for the performance boost and reduced energy consumption. Apart from the design, the Helio P60 boasts four ARM Cortex-A73 high-performance CPUs cores and performance and four Cortex-A53 energy-efficient performance CPU cores. On the other hand, the Snapdragon 630 integrates eight Cortex-A53 CPU cores.

Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60
Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60 – Design, CPU, GPU, Memory

Helio P60 Has Better GPU

In comparison to the Adreno 508 GPU in the Snapdragon 630 (SD630) mobile processor, the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU in the Helio P60 provides higher GPU performance for gaming and 3D graphics applications further boosted by the on-chip AI core (NPU). The Snapdragon 636 processors which is the upgraded version of SD630 integrates Adreno 509 GPU. However, the Adreno 509 is beaten by the Mali-G71 MP3 GPU by scoring GPU Performance running points of 29460 points. (21162 points was scored by the Snapdragon 636).

Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60
Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60 – Connectivity, Media, Benchmarks

Helio P60 Boasts A NPU (Neural Processing Unit)

The NeuroPilot Core in the Helio P60 can handle AI tasks through the standard Android Neural Networks API with “class-leading” performance. Together with the three ISPs and the AI accelerated, it enables a dual-camera setup with real-time enhancements and overlays. NPU means it enables computational photography and other AI features such as Face-Unlock, Voice Recognition, etc. The Snapdragon 630’s Hexagon DSP provides image enhancements to some extent, but it loses to the Helio P60’s on-chip AI accelerator (NPU). The NeuroPilot AI (NPU) processing unit is two times more power efficient than using a GPU, and delivers a processing performance of 280 GMAC/s.

Snapdragon 630 Vs Helio P60

By combining Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53 CPU Cores, The Helio P60 brings a fine balance of power and efficiency. Also by boasting 3 ISPs and an AI accelerated (NPU), it enables the handset manufacturers to bring smarter, more capable and reliable smartphones to the mainstream market. Snapdragon 630 is still a mediocre mid-range rocker by combining Adreno 508 GPU and Cortex-A53 CPU cores.

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Hope, this was an information piece for you. If you want us to compare any specific chipset, do let us know in the comment section below.