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Snapdragon 835 Vs 845 Vs 855 In 2 Mins

As of today, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8XX series chipsets defines the high-end segment. On the same line, Qualcomm released it’s latest high-end chip called the “Snapdragon 855”. This piece highlights the key differences between the Snapdragon 835 Vs 845 Vs 855.

Snapdragon 835 Vs 845 Vs 855
Source: Qualcomm

Let’s take a look at the technical parameters comparison of the chipsets.

SpecificationsSnapdragon 835Snapdragon 845Snapdragon 855
YearQ2 2017Q1 2018Q4 2018
Process Node10nm FinFET LPE Samsung10nm FinFET LPP Samsung7nm FinFET LPE
Transistors / Die Size~3.5 Billions, 72 mm²More than 3.5 Billion, 91 mm²~More than 5 Billion
CPU Cluster 1 (Performance)8 x Kryo 280 @ 2.4 GHz8 x Kryo 385 @ 2.8 GHz1 x Kryo 485 Gold @ 2.84 GHz
CPU Cluster 2 (Efficiency)Little Core Built-In @ 1.9 GHzLittle Core Built-In @ 1.7 GHz3 x Kryo 485 Gold @ 2.42 GHz
Tri-Cluster-4 x Kryo 485 Silver @ 1.80 GHz
GPUAdreno 540 @ 710 MHzAdreno 630 @ 750-800 MHz?Adreno 640 @ 850 MHz?
GPU ALUs/Cores/Clusters256256?256?
FP32 Perf. (GFlops)570650-720?865 - 880?
RAM Interface @ ClockLPDDR4 @ 1866 MHzLPDDR4 @ 1866 MHzLPDDR4X @ 2133 MHz
RAM Channel, Bandwidth2x32-bit, 29.9 GB/s2x32-bit, 29.9 GB/s64-bit, 34.12 GB/s
Celluar ModemX16 LTE (Cat. 13/16)X20 LTE (Cat. 13/18)X24 LTE (Cat. 20/20)
UpLink (Mbps)150150316
DownLink (Mbps)97912001948
5G Support5G Ready (X50 Optional)
Latest WiFi Support802.11 ad (2.4/5GHz Dual Band)802.11 ad (2.4/5GHz Dual Band)802.11 ax/ay (2.4/5GHz Dual Band)
Bluetooth | NFC5.0 | Yes5.0 | Yes5.0 | Yes
Max. Display Support3840x2160 @ 60 fps3840x2160 @ 60 fps3840x2160 @ 60 fps
Camera ISP, Max. MPDual ISP, Spectra 180 (Up to 32 MP)Dual ISP, Spectra 280 (Up to 32 MP)Dual ISP, Spectra 380 (Up to 32 MP)
Video Capture4K/30fps.FHD/120fps4K/30fps.FHD/120fps4K/30fps.FHD/120fps
Video Playback4K/60fps-10bit.FHD/240fps4K/60fps-10bit.FHD/240fps4K/60fps-10bit.FHD/240fps
DSPHexagon 682Hexagon 685Hexagon 690
Dedicated NPU/APU/Neural IPNo (AI Framework Support)No (AI Framework Support)NPU (6x Speed)
Flash Storage SupportSD 3.0/eMMC 5.1/UFS 2.1SD 3.0/eMMC 5.1/UFS 2.1SD 3.0/eMMC 5.1/UFS 2.1
Fast ChargingQuick Charge 4.0 / WiPowerQuick Charge 4.0+ / WiPowerQuick Charge 4.0+ / WiPower
Geekbench 4.1 (Single-Core)205624483697
Geekbench 4.1 (Multi-Core)6451845410469
CPU Performance (Points)3959192603119650
GPU Performance (Points)75295108001142048
UX Performance (Points)574225886872162
Memory Performance (Points)1072578169191
AnTuTu v7 (Total) Points183540267288343051

Snapdragon 855 = 7nm + Kryo 485 CPUs

Snapdragon 835 and 845 are built on the same process node of 10nm, however, the Snapdragon 855 takes the latest process in lithography which is the 7nm enabling fabrication of more logic density (transistors). The high density of transistor on the same die size enable better performance.

Snapdragon 855 = Adreno 640 GPU

The SD855 upgrades the GPU from Adreno 630 in SD845 to Adreno 640. The Adreno 540 GPU in SD835 is still going strong as we can see in some premium smartphones from Sony, Xiaomi, etc.

Snapdragon 855 = 5G Cellular Modem + Better RAM + 3x AI

The modem became X24 and offers speeds up to Cat.20. Moreover, it becomes 5 G Ready and 5 G communication can be done separately by adding 5 G module separately. However, it is not standard 5G compliant. The 5G module also supports communication in the 6 GHz band, but seems to be rather weak against obstacles. The generation of HVX is in the fourth generation, the AI performance is 7 Trillion (3 times of 845, 2 times of the first 835), the DSP performance is doubled of 845.

Other features of SD855.

Camera ISP was updated to CV-ISPs. This CV stands for Computer Vision. Simply put, it means that you have the ability to perform operations related to image processing according to software instructions, such as creating 3D surface image (stereoscopic surface image, 3D-SI) from images and images in real time.
Up to now, speaking of ISP, ISP had already dealt with ordered instructions. To put it briefly, when we pressed the shutter, we finished processing the image in a fixed range. However, with this function, its control range can be applied to simultaneous synthesis, follow-up, analysis, etc. Well, the function that can be done since it is the first generation seems to be related to 3D-SI. And, in relation to Video, it corresponds to HDR 10 +.

In DSP-related, Hexagon seems to have strengthened the NPE-related process that has changed to 690, but since it is not written as NPU, Qualcomm does not seem to call it NPU. Although it is shown in the table that NPU function is built in once, actually it is clearly said that yes.

Audio part seems to have probably not changed. However, since DSP etc. are being enhanced, it is said that it is evolving to the extent that plural assistant system processes can be performed simultaneously. Although it is written as a function of Aqstic, probably it is probably not a function of the Aqstic main body just by requiring DSP interlocking.

Snapdragon 835 Vs 845 Vs 855 – Geekbench & AnTuTu

Snapdragon 835 Vs 845 Vs 855 – AnTuTu

Snapdragon 800 series will surely maintain the highest level in smartphone process next year. Apple’s A series is also the best if it adds compatibility with benchmarks and applications (iOS), but Apple can not make such a versatile product. After all, the baseband chip does not finish putting in from Intel or Qualcomm, and since the connection function with external equipment is abundant, the pure performance of GPU and the like seems to be raised considerably this time as well.