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3 Mins Read! Huawei M5 Vs Mi Pad 4 | Powerful Android Tablet?

The Huawei M5 series tablet comes in three variants according to the size, namely, M5 8.4″, M5 10.8″ and M5 Pro. Launched at the MWC 2018, the M5 tablet is a key competitor to Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 4 tablet equipped with Snapdragon 660 AIE. In this post, we shall understand which is more powerful from the processor point of view. The design, ergonomics, size, etc. depends on the user. This post will highlight the key aspects of each processors powering the devices.

Image Source: Huawei Official

Huawei M5 Specifications

In terms of the specifications, the MediaPad M5 is equipped with 2.5D curved glass on the front and a four-curved metal integrated body on the back, combining visual aesthetics and ergonomics. The MediaPad M5 tablet comes with 2K resolution display and runs EMUI 8.0 OS.

All the variants are equipped with Kirin 960 processor coupled with 4GB Memory and 32/64/128GB flash. It combines 8MP and 13MP image sensors for photo needs.

The Mi Pad 4 is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 AIE which brings powerful performance along with AI face recognition system. The Mi Pad 4 is less powerful than the Apple iPad however, it is less expensive and compact.

Kirin 960 Vs Snapdragon 660 AIE

Huawei M5 Vs Mi Pad 4
Kirin 960 Vs Snapdragon 660 AIE – CPU, GPU, Memory, LTE

As per the specifications, the HiSilicon Kirin 960 comprises of octa-core CPU utilizing four large ARM Cortex-A73 CPU architecture and four Cortex-A53 CPU architecture. The GPU is the latest ARM Mali-G71 MP8 variant, which is 180% better than the Mali-T880MP4 used in the Kirin 950.

Huawei M5 Vs Mi Pad 4
Kirin 960 Vs Snapdragon 660 AIE – CPU, GPU, Memory, LTE

In comparison, the two processors are built on different process nodes. As far as the basic parameters are concerned, compared with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, the Kirin 960 is somewhat similar in terms of features. For instance, both chips integrate Cat.12/13 LTE specifications. The Adreno 512 GPU in the Snapdragon 660 has similar performance as of the Mali-G71 MP8 GPU.

Kirin 960 Vs Snapdragon 660 AIE Benchmarks

As per the benchmark scores, although the performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 multi-core exceeds Kirin 960, there is a gap between single-core, graphics processor, and overall AnTuTu points. Due to the latest development of Huawei’s Kirin 960, it performs better in many aspects.

Huawei M5 (Kirin 960) Vs Mi Pad 4 (Snapdragon 660)
Kirin 960 Vs Snapdragon 660 AIE – Benchmarks

The FP32 performance of the Mali-G71 MP8 GPU is higher than that of the Adreno 512. This is the reason why Kirin 960 is supporting 2K resolution display. The custom-designed Kryo CPUs in the Snapdragon 660 has better AnTuTu CPU points.

Huawei M5 Vs Mi Pad 4 Summary

As per the extensive analysis, overall, the Kirin 960 performance is better than the Snapdragon 660. However, the implementation in the tablet provides different value to the consumers.

2k resolution, high screen ratio, sharp screen display enhancement, blue light filtering, sound wave stereo speakers, world famous audio brand Harman Kardon professional tuning, Hi-Res standard, Kirin 960 with EMUI 8.0, long battery life with fast charge and many more, overall the M5 is a great deal.

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